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Leverage our Step into the cloud methodology for your hybrid identity

We assist organisations to implement the foundations for Cloud through federating Identities. The single source of truth enhances productivity and user experience.

Identity is critical in a Hybrid Environment

Work with us and leverage our Step into the cloud methodology for your hybrid identity.

1000s of Applications, several Clouds but 1 Identity– creating and managing a single identity that spans an organisation’s data centre and hybrid environment is critical in keeping users, groups and devices in sync with easier management and a reduced need for external federation.

How can we help with your identity management?

Dilignet assists organisations to improve productivity and reduce those helpdesk calls with integration of Identities, starting with Microsoft Active Directory as the resident Identity source to provide integration to other directories and applications, whether in the Cloud of not. Identity is the core piece of plumbing for all organisations to provide a great experience to their users. Dilignet uses a step-by-step approach based on the following services:

Active Directory readiness and assessment

Our Cloud consulting team can help discover your current state, requirements, business goals and suitability to move to a Hybrid Identity environment.

Active Directory migrations

Our Cloud consulting team makes transitioning to a new Active Directory or integration into other Active Directories, they are specialists that understand dependencies required to make the journey safe.

Federation to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud? We can help improve your productivity with single sign on and federate to Azure Active Directory services. We are experts at federation of Identity to Azure AD, making this a realisation with a huge amount of benefits.

Single Sign On and Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) enablement

Our Cloud consulting team help organisations to improve productivity and reduce those helpdesk calls with self-service password reset and application access requests for directories in the datacentre and the cloud.

Skype for Business

Need to audit user security, application access and protect against intrusions. You don’t know what you don’t know, so having proactive monitoring of security in the Cloud is paramount to protect organisational data and access.

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