Putting the Service back into Cloud Managed Services for Melbourne Clients

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Ask most Australian’s and they will mostly agree that Melbourne is old school. Face to face meetings are preferred in many bespoke coffee shops by business associates. Walking up and down Collins Street to and from our Melbourne office often results in us bumping into business colleagues.

This fabric of Melbourne business life is woven into the corporate culture at Diligent and how our post implementation team of cloud consultants engage in managed services. That’s right, relationships matter.

24/7 Uptime in Cloud Managed Services

Having transformed business processes and trained staff to embrace a new digital workplace as part of the move to cloud software applications, the need to ensure 100% uptime of the cloud environment is critical. From putting in place procedural documents to cloud disaster recovery systems, our cloud managed services team follows a comprehensive methodology to cover all of your organisation’s needs.

At all phases during the cloud project implementation, we focus on how managed services can continually improve customer response times and satisfaction.

Understanding Service Level Agreements

Interpreting the terms and conditions of contracts our clients enter into with data centers, cloud storage platforms, cloud application providers and integration software vendors can be a complex task for you and your management. One of the key components of providing service excellence to your organisation is to help vet the terms of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which software vendors provide.

Our Melbourne based cloud support teams diligently review all vendor SLAs to ensure five 9 uptime for both complex hybrid cloud environments. We strive to be your managed service partner you can trust.

Managed Services for AWS, Azure & Google Cloud

With Amazon, Microsoft and Google cloud infrastructure provisioned with increasingly more applications, having a dedicated cloud managed services provider who understands the benefits and shortcomings of each vendor is of paramount importance. The constant trainings and certification of all of our cloud services team in Melbourne underpins best practice and we remain constantly focused on simplifying the cloud offering to meet our customer needs.

Let us remove the stress out of managing your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on delivering outstanding improvements in productivity and performance.

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