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Enterprise Security
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Email addresses and passwords are the two most compromised data types, at 44.3% and 40%, respectively
Dark Reading; 2017

Do you know if you are really secure?

Stay secure, remain compliant and reduce those threats, anywhere, anytime.

Defuse Any Threat

Day-in day-out there are new vulnerabilities and security incidents published in the news, outlining the urgency of Security in the modern Digital era.

Organisations have a need for really strong defences to defuse threats, before they are compromised, and risk their organisation to hackers and vulnerabilities especially as customers offload their services to the cloud.

SSO & MFA are key ingredients

As users adopt the Digital Workplace and access applications and web apps across any device, any location, anywhere, it is imperative that users have a friendlier user experience that includes that extra blanket of protection.

Team members rely on their organisation to make this simple, and ensure multiple factors of authentication is required to let them do their most important work.

It’s all about Compliance

Security audit & compliance sets out to be a comprehensive review of the organisation’s security that is related to their regulatory guidelines.

Organisations have a requirement to assess the strength and thoroughness of their compliance, from external penetration, security policies, user access controls and all the way through to the cloud.

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