Borderless Protection 90 second explainer video

A holistic solution for mobile and collaboration security

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What is the point of securing your business with costly solutions if there’s nothing left inside to protect?

With the proliferation of mobile technology, corporate security has to evolve – and fast. Most businesses are still investing in costly large-scale security solutions that protect their infrastructure and devices, yet neglect their data and people. The weak link in most mobile security solutions is not the technology – It’s the people. Employees reuse their passwords, they leave their devices unlocked and borrow their colleagues’ access – leaving the business exposed to all kinds of security risks.

This is why, unlike other mobile security solutions on the market, Borderless Protection works by securing your data and users, rather than just your devices or infrastructure. Most importantly, it also provides enterprise-grade mobile security the way most organisations want it: as a service, with the flexibility of OpEx pricing and complete scalability.

The 90 seocond video is an introduction to Borderless Protection, a holistic solution for mobile and collaboration security.

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