The gems found in Dilignet’s first 60 days of using Microsoft Teams

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The Dilignet team has adopted Microsoft Teams as a standard to effectively run project delivery. This has allowed for greater collaboration across our resources when working on cloud projects. With simple yet very powerful and intuitive features, we have found that teams have boosted productivity as well. These include co-authoring documents with annotations saved as conversations, @ referencing when you want to direct it to a specific person, desktop and mobile apps, accessing OneNote from within teams for capturing meeting minutes, brainstorming sessions, faqs etc.

A few more gems we found across the first 60 days:

• When you conduct video / audio meetings via teams, teams will save the entire meeting which can be reviewed later. This is sensational for presentations and product demonstrations, training and various use cases.
• We also found that tabs are great way to place induction / on-boarding / quick overview type documents as shortcuts to important content via PowerPoint, pdf, streams, YouTube videos, access planner etc.
• Connectors for channels can bring very specific information from lots of different tools like #hashtag tweets from twitter, recently updated ticket views from Zendesk, specific opportunity & account information from Dynamics 365 etc.
• Creation of custom connectors or use web hooks to bring information as cards from basically anywhere. One example is Microsoft Azure Log Analytics alerts into channels via web hooks.
• The inbuilt search pulls information from messages, people and files across all teams or a particular team, eliminating the need to jump on to SharePoint for search.
• Finally, for more advanced functionality, the creation of custom bots for process automation, help centre etc.

We are excited about the experience we’ve had to date with Microsoft teams, and look forward to showing this to our wider customer base as the weeks and months progress.

Written by Peter Lillywhite, Director of Dilignet

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