Improving Compliance and Decrease Risk with Cloud Computing

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Decrease your risk in the cloud

With the increase of cyber threats, data breaches and malicious threats to organizations occurring at alarming rates, executive management are reviewing risk and compliance requirements to protect customer data and sensitive information from falling into the hands of bad actors.

Our experience with large Victorian State governments and local councils in Melbourne has led to a deep understanding of best of breed cloud computing environments which offer risk and compliance software.

Data Advisory Services

Our team of expert cloud consultants provide advisory services when scoping and documenting how organisations migrate to the cloud. Understanding how customer data is recorded and where it is stored is an integral part of the data advisory services process that our team undertakes.

Ensuring the cloud environment protects all aspects of data transfer via email or data inputs to software via mobile devices and into databases or repositories is clearly understood prior to any implementation.

Identifying Responsibilities of Compliance

One of the complaints that we often hear from customers is that they are worried about the compliance around online data security. Compliance is a large part of our risk assessment procedures documented as part of the transformation of an enterprise to the cloud. We understand the necessary human resources required and who should be responsible for managing both risk and compliance.

We mitigate compliance risk of outsourcing to software as a service applications hosted on all of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon AWS. Having over a decade of experience with implementing these complex cloud infrastructures provides our cloud consulting team with first hand experience that will benefit your organisation.

De-risking the Cloud

It is impossible to have all the risk and compliance dependency with the cloud infrastructure provider. We take great pride in training and providing managed services to help clients understand the cloud should not be a substitute for the offline compliance systems and risk processes.

Our cloud advisory consultants provide comprehensive analysis of  the human processes that support the software applications in an effort to de-risk the cloud environment your enterprise is dependent upon for critical applications.

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