Rethink your disaster recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery
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How long would it take you to recover all of your company’s data in the event of a disaster?

Assess your risk today!

Continuous data protection

Rather than one or two backups a day, replicate your data as it changes, around the clock with 99.999% availability.

Rapid recovery

Keep your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) at a level that ensures your organisation will be back in business faster.


With our cloud DR service, you won’t spend any more resources on equipment and maintenance.

Rigorous, ongoing testing

Trust your DR is always available, our automated testing makes sure your DR is constantly ready.

Business continuity & disaster recovery are critical factor  for every organisation

We are dedicated to modernising and transforming IT environments, specializing in digital transformation through cloud adoption, core optimisation, DevOps, automation, application modernisation and identity driven security.

100% comprehensive solution

Automate failover, failback, and disaster recovery testing. Recover one, some, or all applications with a click of a button.

Continuous data protection

Recover from any disruption with 5 days worth of checkpoints available every couple of seconds.

Offsite backup

Increase the usefulness of replicated data with long term retention capabilities at the replication site.

Real-time monitoring and SLA

Monitor and report your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) in real time. Alerts reported for any impending breach of service level agreement.

Find out how to modernise your business and reduce operational risks


Essential Bundle

Get started with disaster recovery or meet business requirements for non-business-critical workloads.
  • Up to 5 servers
  • Free Azure Configuration
  • Free Azure Storage
  • Australian Data Centre
  • RTO – 8 Hours
  • RPO – Continuous data protection
  • DR Testing bundle with 1 test per year

Designed for you

If you have demanding workloads, we can build a custom solution to fit your unique business.
  • Custom # of Servers
  • Free Azure Configuration
  • Free Azure Storage
  • Australian Data Centre
  • Custom RTO
  • Custom RPO
  • Custom DR Testing

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