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Deploy Windows 10 faster and smarter

We make it easier to deploy at scale and service the new Windows 10 servicing model for lifecycle management across all applications and devices.

Our Windows 10 services include:

  • Win 10 Consulting Services
  • Packaged Services
  • Optimisation Services
  • Support Services
  • Managed Services
  • Roadmap & Strategy Consulting
  • Windows 10 Architectures & Migrations
  • System Center Architectures & Migrations
  • Cloud Platform Management
  • System Center Current Branch Lifecycle Management
  • 24/7 Unlimited Expert Centre Support

Why choose us for Win 10?

  • Deploy Windows 10 and System Center faster and smarter – Our team can work side by side with your team to build a Windows 10 deployment plan that will minimise business disruptions
  • Reduce risk and increase productivity, by leveraging our Intellectual Property developed from our past experiences, using a specialist team that performs upgrades to Windows 10 every single day
  • Our experience is impeccable, being 2x Microsoft Partner of the Year winner in this category
  • Let us manage your lifecycle, through our Expert Centre which provides 24×7 industry leading support.

How can we help with Win 10?

We have two teams, our Consulting Services team, and Managed Services team. Windows 10 is all about lifecycle management and you need a hybrid team of experts to ensure full servicing of Windows 10 in your environment. We focus on the release management aspects that allow you to smoothly keep Windows 10 updated by leveraging our Expert Centre for 24×7 support.

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